Welcome! I'm dr. Jolie Silva.

I imagine that if you found your way to this website that you or someone you love is struggling with emotional, mental or behavioral problems. 

The good news is that you have already taken the first step to resolving these issues once and for all! Psychotherapy has been shown to significantly improve one’s emotional and behavioral health and quality of life. 

My Approach

I use cognitive-behavioral and acceptance-based approaches to help my clients view their struggles in new ways and make the positive changes they have long desired. Using a here-and-now approach, while also taking your history into consideration, I can help you can address problems in realistic ways together. 

I have experience in working with an array of populations in various settings. As a certified school psychologist, I have worked with children from a wide range of socioeconomic classes and ages.

I have expertise in the treatment of childhood behavioral, mood and anxiety disorders and specialize in conducting child psychological evaluations including intellectual, behavioral, and personality assessments. I have also presented research on various topics, such as anger managementdepression and child behavior management.  In practice, I apply research-based principles to ensure the integrity and scientific basis for implemented techniques.