Child Therapy on Long Island

As parents, we want to feel like we can handle anything. We want to have all the answers for our children. But some problems in life require the help of a professional.

What are Child Behavioral Problems?

Children misbehave. Child behavior problems can be serious. If you are a parent, you already know that. They nag us to buy them candy at the grocery store; they fight with their siblings; they don’t clean their rooms; they lie to us; they throw tantrums when we say “no”; and on and on. In other words, they often defy us and generally drive us crazy.

There is no greater pain for a parent than a child who is struggling. Worrying about your child can consume your mind. Perhaps there is a time-sensitive event in your child’s life that is concerning to you and you feel incapable of helping your child recover.

Some children are also struggling with their behavior at school. They act out in class and there are too many calls home from their teachers. We worry that they are falling behind in their classes because of their disruptive behaviors. Long Island schools can be challenging and this can be supportive, but also difficult for some children.

Sometimes we wonder if there is something wrong with our children. Is this just part of their personality? Will they always be this defiant?

We love our children. We wish we knew how to help our children behave at home and at school. We want to have a better relationship with our children free of nagging, scolding, lecturing, reminding, and even yelling. But how? Kids don’t come with instructions.

If you are struggling with your children’s behavior problems, you are not alone. And not only are you not alone, there are things we can do to help.

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Our Therapy Approach – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Rockville Centre

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques to teaching children how to behave appropriately have been shown to be effective in improving children’s behavior. These techniques are also effective at strengthening parent-child relationships. CBT targets the negative behaviors that the child is displaying as well as the emotions and thoughts that are related to those behaviors.

In order to understand the child’s misbehaviors, a CBT therapist will assess what might lead up to the misbehavior and what happens after the misbehavior occurs. In this way, the therapist will learn what might be triggering the child’s misbehavior and if the consequences serve as a deterrent in the future.

The therapist will also consider situational and relational factors that might be impacting the child. Finally, the CBT therapist, together with the parent or caregiver, plans how to improve the child’s behavior using positive communication skills, behavior plans, and, if necessary, consequences.

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