Common Questions

Therapists at my office are out-of-network provides.  I recommend that you call your insurance company to find out their out-of-network mental health coverage and visit my practice’s website to learn more about payment options.

Individual psychotherapy sessions at my practice are 45 minutes. 

Therapists at my practice develop individual treatment plans specific to each client. Typically, clients begin individual psychotherapy on a weekly basis and decrease session frequency depending on their progress.


Total treatment length is client specific, depending on the complexity and severity of the issues.  Using cognitive behavioral techniques, which have a “here-and-now” approach, therapists at my office treat clients’ problems as efficiently as possible.

This is a very common occurrence. The first step is to make a phone call and speak to therapists at my office about your reservations. A phone call will not cost anything or require you to set up an appointment, but will allow you to speak to a professional about how to handle your reservations and move forward.

Many children and adolescents are reluctant to talk to an adult, especially a stranger, about their issues. I highly encourage parents to call my office and discuss these issues prior to setting up an initial appointment. Therapists at my office have a very high success rate in treating young clients so hopefully they will be able to guide you in the right direction.